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Williams Plumbing Has Toilet Repair & Replacement Plumbers in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Across Green Country

How long does a toilet last?

While the porcelain bowl and tank can last a lifetime, the flapper and fill valve inside of the tank generally have a lifespan of 5 years. If your toilet is constantly running it is time now to have a trusted plumber at Williams Plumbing service it.

I tried using a plunger, but my toilet is still clogged. now what?

When a plunger fails to remove a stubborn clog, its time to bring in one of the professional plumbers at Williams Plumbing & Drain Service. Often times a plunger will push the clog past the toilet and into the drain pipe but if the issue is beyond the toilet, the clog will persist. Feel confident choosing Williams Plumbing & Drain Service to correct the issue and fix your toilet free of clogs.

Why is my toilet constantly running?

Between the tank and the toilet bowl is a curved piece of rubber called a flapper. Over time the rubber on the flapper will begin to wear out and fail to seal properly. When this happens water is allowed to seep between the tank and bowl. Because water is leaving the tank the fill valve continues to add water. Water will continue to escape until the flapper is temporarily adjusted or the flapper is replaced. Chances are there may be a couple other parts that are or will begin to fail soon. Williams Plumbing will diagnose the toilet and give you options to resolve your plumbing issue.

My toilet wobbles. how can I fix it?

A wobbly toilet can be caused by the nuts to each side of the toilet becoming loose. If using a wrench to tighten the nuts doesn’t fix the problem, you may have a broken toilet flange or degraded wax ring. Williams Plumbing will diagnose the issue, give you your options, and work diligently to fix the toilet as good as new. 

Toilet Replacement

Many customers choose to replace their toilets for cosmetic reasons, water conservation, or for a more comfortable bowl shape. No mater what your reason, a trusted plumber from Williams Plumbing will:

  • show you multiple toilet options
  • connect all plumbing in accordance with city plumbing code
  • haul off old toilet
  • clean up job related material
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